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Page Regional Domestic Violence Services (PRDVS) helps a primary population of Navajo and Hopi Native Americans. PRDVS service area is over a 100-mile radius. In 2013 we provided 5,000 bed nights at our emergency shelter. More than half of our residents were children, with the average age at 6 years old. We also provide more than 5,000 meals for our residents annually.

PRDVS believes it can do more. We are looking to expand into economical living for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. We want to provide job training and adult education. PRDVS would like to offer free classes like: healthy nutrition, mental health support groups, and family counseling.

Many who give, aren’t in it for themselves. Giving creates change and donations creates hope for those who are hopeless. Your good-will can change lives. The kid who has a choice between stealing or receiving can be helped to make the right choice, by your generous donation. Together, we can help change lives.

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