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PRDVS relies on your contributions of clothing and household goods to help keep our emergency shelters up and running, as well as provide stock for the Family Bargain Center which serves an important fundraising role for the association.

PRDVS is a non-profit charitable organization. Your donation to PRDVS is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Contributions for the shelters and thrift store, are processed through the Family Bargain Center:

  • Before you donate, please read the donation FAQ’s and policies.
  • Also, take a moment to review the below list of Family Bargain Center requests, as well as emergency shelter needs and hopes.

PRDVS, Donate Box, iStock_000015429938MediumFAMILY BARGAIN CENTER DONATIONS

  • Donations of gently used and new clothing and household goods.
  • Shoes—a pair, just one, regardless of condition.

Shelter forMen and People with PetsSHELTER NEEDS AND HOPES

7-8 passenger van.
Diapers and wipes (Sizes 4,5,6, and Pullups).
Hair brushes.
Shampoo and conditioner.
Two drawer file cabinet.
New dishwasher for men’s shelter.
Propane barbecue outdoor grill.
Electric drill/screwdriver set, pliers, yard tools, and other household tools.

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