Workplace Giving

Multiracial manual workers in factoryMany employers offer workplace giving plans.

Please ask your human resources contact if your employer sponsors an employee charitable campaign or corporate giving program. Also, suggest your company consider becoming a PRDVS corporate sponsor.

Please also speak with friends and family about their contributing to PRDVS through their workplace donation campaigns.


In the US, about 10,000 employers offer matching gift programs. And, sometimes organizations without formal programs agree to contribute to charities in which employees are involved.

Usually employees make donations through payroll to groups like PRDVS. Companies then agree to donate corporate funds to the charities employees support through those payroll donations. Sometimes companies donate a specific dollar amount. Or, they may make a matching gift which is a percentage of your donation.

Find out if your company works with the United Way or a similar group which allows you to make donations to charities like PRDVS. PRDVS is a member of both the Navajo United Way and United Way.

United Way

PRDVS is a non-profit charitable organization. Your donation to PRDVS is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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