Family Bargain Center Donation FAQs & Policies

Thank you for your continuous and sometimes overwhelming, donations to the Page Regional Domestic Violence Service (PRDVS) Family Bargain Center!


For accounting purposes, we process donations for both the Another Way emergency shelter and the Family Bargain Center through the Family Bargain Center:

If you want to donate to the shelter specifically, please tell the Family Bargain Center that you would like the items to go to the shelter. If the shelter needs the items, the Family Bargain Center logs in the items and passes them on to the shelter manager.

We sell items that the shelter does not need at the Family Bargain Center and use the proceeds to help fund victim services. If you bring items directly to the shelter office and the shelter cannot use them, we sell them at the Family Bargain Center.


Are donations tax deductible?

You can also get a receipt for tax purposes. PRDVS is a non-profit charitable organization recognized by the state and federal government.

What types of items can I donate?

The Family Bargain Center accepts gently-used clothing and household goods.

Please don’t give us things that are broken. We have a limited capacity to fix things and we just have to pay to take them to the dump.

ShoeSHOES! Please donate your shoes regardless of condition. Regardless of color or style, your shoe donation helps people all over the world. Even one shoe or shoes with torn seams! We work with a company that sends single shoes overseas for people with one leg and a leather shoe can also be used to make craft items.

Law prohibits us from accepting refrigerators, car seats, medications and some other items. If you have an item that you are unsure of, please call and ask. If you drop it off, we have to pay to take it to the dump.

Where do I donate items?

Please drop off items at the back door. If you need help, the staff will help you unload your items.

We can pick up items for donation. Please call the Family Bargain Center to schedule a time. Our part-time driver tries his best to accommodate personal schedules.

Please help us even more by printing out and reviewing the polices.

What happens to my donated items?

We sort all donated items:

  • Usable items go to PRDVS’s Another Way for client or program needs or into bins for tagging and movement to the Family Bargain Center sales floor.
  • Items that do not pass inspection to a third party vendor, Tiedemann Globe. The Family Bargain Center receives 39 cents per pound.
  • Household items that are broken or require fixing go to the dump. The Family Bargain Center has to pay dump fees to remove these items for space and safety reasons.
  • We sell valuable donations in the Family Bargain Center High End Room.

Can I make a financial donation to the Family Bargain Center?

The Family Bargain Center is a program of Page Regional Domestic Violence Services. Donations for PRDVS are much appreciated.  Learn more about ways to give to PRDVS. Or, make an online donation now.

Your support in donated goods is very valuable to PRDVS and the community. Thank you very much!

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