Education & Awareness

PRDVS, Change Ahead, purplePRDVS partners with diverse stakeholders to advance culturally appropriate prevention strategies.

We work throughout our service area to raise awareness about domestic violence and substance abuse and proactive steps to take to break the cycle of violence in our region.


PRDVS strives to improve the lives of families struggling with the cycle of domestic violence. Our Making Change programs promote self empowerment required to make these essential life changes. We teach men and women to unlearn behaviors, resolve past issues, improve communication skills, and offer tools to stabilize lives.

Making Change Group for Victims: Group education and support which empowers victims to not accept violence in their lives.

Making Change Offender Intervention: Court-order program sanctioned by the Coconino Adult Probation Department. No-Blame No-Judgment 26 week group process. Holds offenders accountable helping them to heal the rage that perpetuates the behavior. Empowers participants to become non-violent.


Our team can help educate your community members about the warning signs of domestic abuse, building healthy relationships, the law, dating violence, and engage in respect for self and others. We’ve presented at:

Portrait of a Native American teenage boyChapter houses.


Churches and faith-based gatherings.

Law enforcement agencies.

Health centers and clinics.

Other community gatherings.


Contact us to learn about hosting a PRDVS speaker at your community event.


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